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Freelance Wrap Up Report
Thunderbird Bit Up Bluefin and More, Jeff is Live
H&M Landing Daily Report, Ollie Is Live
Bongos II Limits of Bluefin Tuna
Sport King Limits of Bonito and More, Bruce is Live
Fishermans Landing Daily Report, Carl is Live
Poseidon Limits of Yellowfin Tuna and More, Hunter is Live
Constitution Evening Report With Limits, Jake Is Live
Seaforth Landing Daily Report, Reed is Live
Monte Carlo 1/2 Day Schedule
Grande Very Good Tuna Fishing, Alec is Live
H&M Landing Trip Updates
Sea Landing The Coral Sea Daily Report
Redondo Special am Trip Report
Condor Good Fishing, Limits, Jimmy is Live
Spitfire 3/4 Day Wrap Up Report
Western Pride Good Bass Fishing, Mike is Live
Helgrens Sportfishing Daily Report
Constitution Limits of Yellowfin And More
Prowler Limits of Yellowfin And More, Andrew Is Live
H&M Landing Afternoon Check
Excalibur Another Fine Trip, 460 + Mixed Fish
Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Tonight, Rick is Live
Chief Afternoon Report With Limits, Rick Is Live
Ranger 85 Awesome Trip 420+ Mixed Fish
Pacific Queen Wrap-up Report, Good Times
Condor 70+ Yellowfin and Dorado, They are all bit up, Jimmy is Live
Ocean Odyssey Good Times, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Nice Weather
Tribute Morning Offshore Check
Condor With 40 Mixed Fish, Jimmy Is Live
San Clemente Island Access
Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Wrap-up Report, Rick is Live
Fishing Syndicate - Quality Custom & Factory Rods
New Lo-An 1.5-Day Wrap-up Report, Adam is Live
Toronado Outer Limits Bank Trips
976-TUNA Overnight Poseidon Special
Sport King Limits of Bonito, Bruce Is Live
Aztec Big Bluefin Tuna Hunting and Catching, Good Times
H&M Landing Daily Report Ollie Is Live
Fishermans Landing Daily Report, Carl Is Live
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